This little devotion may be used on Holy Thursday in the present circumstances when it is not possible to go to the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Ideally it is led by the father as the head of the family—if it is prayed in a family—but otherwise of course it may be led by the mother, eldest child, or other chosen person. It is modeled on the order of Holy Mass.

The acts of faith, hope, and love take the place of the Eucharistic Prayer of consecration.

The act of spiritual communion, of course, stands in the place of the sacramental communion. The sign of the cross, the acts of contrition, faith, hope, and love, and spiritual communion all have a partial indulgence applicable to the souls of the faithful departed. The leader should remind everyone to make the intention of gaining and applying these indulgences for the departed in view of their happy Easter.

The acts of contrition, faith, hope, and love are from the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and so are official texts. The act of spiritual communion is the one used by Pope Francis after each of his daily Masses during this time of plague. It is by the very learned and holy Cardinal Merry del Val from the time of the reign of Pope St. Pius X.

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