• Louisiana voters approve Amendment 1 to exclude ‘right to abortion’ from state constitution

    Louisiana voters on Tuesday approved a constitutional amendment, authored by a pro-life Democrat, to prevent Louisiana’s courts from finding a “right to abortion,” or to public abortion funding, in the state’s constitution. Amendment 1 passed 65%-35%, with 72.29% of precincts... Read more
  • Election Results Are In: Christ Still On His Throne

    A number of news outlets, including CNN, Fox News, and NBC, are calling the current election in favor of Jesus Christ, who is still sovereignly reigning from His throne on high, sources confirmed late Tuesday. News organizations were closely tracking votes tallied for Democrats, Republicans... Read more
  • Election will be meaningless if we don’t change our ways

    My editors asked if I planned to write about the election, and I said yes. Perhaps they hoped I would pen something about the need to vote, a topic I’ve tackled before. But that seems unnecessary. Look at how many people have already voted. We all know the stakes in 2020. At this point,... Read more
  • Christ or Caesar? An Election Reflection

    On a Sunday evening during the summer of 2008 I was walking north on Broadway, toward First Baptist Church. A crowd was circling a scene where a street fair had been taking place. I stopped to see what was going on. A man was lying face down and unconscious on the street. The lenses of his... Read more
  • Catholic Girl in Pakistan Rescued by Police After Abduction, Forced Marriage

    Arzoo Raja, a 13-year-old Catholic girl in Pakistan whom a 44-year-old man allegedly kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, and married, has been recovered and is in protective custody. Raja, who is from Karachi, was kidnapped in broad daylight Oct. 13 by Ali Azhar, 44. Raja’s parents... Read more
  • State by State: An Election Day Litany to the Patorness of America

    It is well known that on December 12, 1999, Pope St. John Paul II proclaimed Our Lady of Guadalupe to be Patroness of the Americas. Less well known is the fact that our Lord’s holy mother Mary, under the title of the Immaculate Conception, had been recognized as Patroness of the... Read more
  • St. Martin de Porres & His Furnace of Love

    The three theological virtues God infuses into our hearts and souls are, of course, faith, hope, and charity. There is no question that St. Martin de Porres had a deep Catholic faith and a persevering hope in at­taining salvation through God’s aid. But the greatest of these God-given... Read more
  • 5 Expert Tips for Following Election Stats

    Though Americans have been voting for weeks, the big day is here. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information about state-level polls, early-voting tallies, outstanding mailed ballots, and the over 200 lawsuits over voting rights. As a political scientist whose... Read more
  • Faith without a Hope?

    Downtown Washington D.C., capital of the greatest nation on earth – arguably, the greatest in human history – is already boarded up, expecting what the media will doubtless call “mostly peaceful” demonstrations after tomorrow’s elections. In more than thirty years living here, I’ve... Read more
  • Dioceses offer free interment to encourage proper burial of cremated bodies

    Bring them home to holy ground for All Souls Day. That is the message and the simple goal of “Lay Them to Rest,” a new program at two Diocese of Madison cemeteries. Bring the cremated remains of your loved ones home to the consecrated ground of a Catholic cemetery for interment, at no... Read more