• What Is the Hidden Treasure Buried in the Field?

    In Sunday’s Gospel we are told of a man who finds a hidden treasure buried in a field and that he goes and sells all he has to buy the filed in order to have that treasure. Why is it hidden and what does that mean for us? To say that the treasure, an image for the Kingdom of Heaven, is... Read more
  • Blessed Stanley Rother’s Oklahoma roots

    Credit: Fr. David Monahan, courtesy of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Archives Oklahoma’s eponymous state song rings out, “We know we belong to the land.” These words came to life in the person of Oklahoma’s prospect for sainthood, Blessed Stanley Rother. Born in the swirl of this land... Read more
  • For the First Time, Courage Apostolate Publishes Chaplain’s Handbook Online

    The Catholic apostolate Courage has published online the latest edition of its chaplain’s handbook to better help clergy and others ministering to people with same-sex attractions and their families. “Since we believe that the handbook can be helpful to many people involved in ministry,... Read more
  • Hundreds of Sick Canadians Euthanized over Loneliness

    Good grief. We are told that euthanasia is “compassion.” But how compassionate is it when last year in Canada, hundreds of sick people were euthanized because of loneliness? The country’s 2019 MAID [medical assistance in dying] Annual Report found that 13.7 percent of the 5,631... Read more
  • ‘Beyond reprehensible’: Christian aid workers executed in Nigeria

    The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom released a statement on Tuesday condemning the execution of five aid workers kidnapped by an Islamic extremist group. The aid workers were kidnapped last month and their killing was publicly announced last week by members of... Read more
  • Florida Catholic church rebuilding after arson attack

    The Catholic community at Queen of Peace Parish in Ocala, Florida is rebuilding after the church was set on fire earlier this month. In addition to the physical restoration, Fr. Patrick O'Doherty, the church’s pastor, said the community is keeping the faith. “Evil never attacks evil.... Read more
  • St. Anne is Our Grandmother In Heaven

    Not every earthly grandmother is necessarily a doting one, but the stereotype is well deserved. Speaking as a grandmother, it’s easy to adore the next generation of these precious children of God. St. Anne bore the Immaculate Conception in her womb. She is the grandmother that God chose... Read more
  • Cardinal Zen: In Vatican II, Catholics hear ‘real voice of the Holy Spirit’

    Washington, D.C. Newsroom, Jul 27, 2020 / 11:15 am (CNA).- Cardinal Joseph Zen, the emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong, has made an impassioned defense of the Second Vatican Council, criticizing both “extreme conservatives” and “extreme progressives” for rejecting the authority and... Read more
  • Catholic Roots of Regis Philbin: Everything That I Am I Attribute to Catholic Education

    Game show and talk show host Regis Francis Xavier Philbin died July 24 at 88. Philbin was a Catholic, and a longtime proponent and supporter of Catholic schools. “I think it made a great difference. Solidified me….taught me an awful lot. Everything that I am right now I attribute to”... Read more
  • Restoring MLK’s Dream

    Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I have a Dream” speech before a huge crowd at the August 28, 1963 March on Washington, D.C. The key to understanding King’s speech is his appeal to the notion of a “promissory note,” of principles asserted in the “Constitution and the... Read more