• EWTN to Broadcast Friday Consecration of US, Canada to Blessed Virgin Mary

     The EWTN network will air Friday the consecration of the U.S. and Canada to the Blessed Virgin Mary, which will take place in a liturgy celebrated by U.S. bishops’ conference president Archbishop Jose Gomez. Gomez has invited all U.S. bishops to join him on May 1 in reconsecrating... Read more
  • Diocese of Lansing Prepares to Restore Public Masses

    The Diocese of Lansing is preparing to restore public Masses on Monday May 18, 2020, with continuing measures in place to protect public health.    “The Catholic community of the Diocese of Lansing has made some big and, yes, painful sacrifices over the past weeks in order to... Read more
  • Grand Master of the Order of Malta dies at 75

    The Grand Master of the Order of Malta Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre died early Wednesday at the age of 75. Dalla Torre had been in treatment for throat cancer in Rome in recent months. He is remembered by the Order of Malta for his kindness, appreciation of the arts, and charity towards... Read more
  • What to know about the three main types of coronavirus tests

    One is widespread but has key shortages across its supply chain. One remains questionably reliable and is only helpful after the fact. And one is still early in development -- but could speed up and simplify results. Experts say ramping up the use of these three different types of... Read more
  • The Quarantine’s Three Lessons About the Church

    One silver lining for me during this weird coronavirus shutdown has been the opportunity to return to some writing projects that I had left on the back-burner. One of these is a book on the Nicene Creed, which I had commenced many months ago and on which I was making only very slow progress,... Read more
  • 7 Lockdown Liturgical Lessons for Post-Coronavirus Catholics

    The coronavirus pandemic restrictions have meant that Catholics are no longer taking the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church for granted. But when that liturgical life returns, what might be different? What lessons might have been learned — by both priests and the faithful —... Read more
  • Understanding the liturgy of the domestic church

    Have you ever thought of your family life as a liturgy? The liturgy of domestic church life. Does that seem odd? It shouldn’t. The word “liturgy” describes the specific “work” the Church does to heal the damage sin creates in our relationships with God and others. The Liturgy of... Read more
  • The Joy of Being a Priest: Fr. Al Hewett and the Radiance of Divine Mercy

    On the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday, my dear friend, Fr. Al Hewett, a priest in the Diocese of Camden, New Jersey, passed away at the age of 95. “I have thought, if I ever retired, and learned how to write,” Fr. Al said years ago, “I’d write a book—that it’s fun to be a follower... Read more
  • US Religious Freedom Commission Highlights India in Annual Report

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Abuse of Muslims, Christians, and other minorities in India drew the attention of a federal religious freedom watchdog in its annual report released on Tuesday. “India took a sharp downward turn in 2019,” concluded the 2020 annual report of the U.S. Commission... Read more
  • Elites Go to War on Homeschooling — Just When Everyone’s Doing It

    We’re all homeschoolers now. Schools have closed for more than 55 million students nationwide, and at least 34 states have shuttered schools for the rest of the academic year. Just in time, our media and academic elites are coming out swinging against homeschooling. The Washington... Read more