• Truckers increasingly the eyes and ears for signs of human trafficking

    Truckers across America deliver all kinds of products. Now, many of them are helping to deliver people—from a life of bondage. That’s thanks in part to an organization known as Truckers Against Trafficking. The Colorado-based nonprofit trains truck drivers and various other members of... Read more
  • New database of abusive clergy will ‘put pressure’ on bishops to improve transparency

    A new, independent database listing nearly 6,000 priests accused of abuse was launched this week, marking what some observers say is a sign of a new era of transparency in the Catholic Church and others labeling it the “privatization of justice” after years of church leaders blocking such... Read more
  • South Dakota House passes ban on transgender surgery for minors

    A bill aiming to ban sex-reassignment surgery and puberty-blocking medication for minors passed the South Dakota House of Representatives by a vote of 46-23 on Wednesday. Christopher Motz, executive director of the South Dakota Catholic Conference, praised the vote. “Given the moral and... Read more
  • French Cardinal Barbarin Acquitted by Appeal Court of Failing to Report Abuse

    [caption id="attachment_111989" align="aligncenter" width="760"] Credit: Jeff Pachoud/AFP/Getty Images[/caption] Cardinal Philipe Barbarin has been acquitted by a French appeals court of failing to report sexual abuse by a diocesan priest. The Archbishop of Lyon was convicted in March, 2019, of... Read more
  • Inequality, Real and Imagined

    Pope Francis’s headline-grabbing words last year – “inequality is disastrous for the future of humanity” – reflected the long doctrinal dialectic following Vatican Council II.  At the Council, the focus of social justice increasingly shifted from the tenets of Rerum... Read more
  • Virginia lawmakers repeal abortion restrictions

    Virginia’s legislature has voted to repeal restrictions on abortions in the state. The state’s governor is expected to sign the repeal into law soon. The state’s House of Delegates voted 52-45 Tuesday to repeal abortion restrictions, including a mandatory 24-hour waiting period before... Read more
  • While #GirlDad Trends, US Sex-Selective Abortion is on the Rise

    In the wake of basketball star and father-of-four-daughters Kobe Bryant’s death, #GirlDad has gone viral on social media with fathers sharing the unique joy of raising daughters. However, in many parts of the world, fewer girls are born than boys today because of sex-selective... Read more
  • KC priest Harkins remembered as a ‘good man and a good priest’

    Catholics in Missouri and across the country remembered Fr. Evan Harkins Tuesday as a good priest, and urged prayer for the repose of his soul. The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph announced the priest’s death on Jan. 28. Harkins “had apparently taken his own life,” the diocese said... Read more
  • Bill to ban transgender surgery for minors advances in South Dakota

    A bill aiming to ban sex-reassignment surgery and puberty-blocking medication for minors in South Dakota cleared a House committee Jan. 22, and is set to be debated in the House of Representatives. HB 1057 would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor for doctors to dispense puberty-blocking drugs to... Read more
  • Four aid workers missing in Iraq

    Four men working in Iraq for the French humanitarian organization SOS Chrétiens d'Orient went missing last week in Baghdad. The organization works to support Eastern Christians with humanitarian material aid; it has permanent missions in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt. SOS Chrétiens... Read more