• What Does Cardinal Sodano’s Departure as Dean of the College of Cardinals Mean?

    The Dec. 21 resignation of Cardinal Angelo Sodano as the dean of the College of Cardinals is the conclusion of a long career, not without controversy. It occasioned a change in the office of the dean itself, which will now be subject to a five-year term. It also signals that Pope Francis is... Read more
  • ISIS beheads 10 Christian captives in Nigeria as retaliation for Baghdadi death

    ISIS released a video Thursday that purportedly shows militants in black masks beheading 10 blindfolded Christian men and shooting an 11th in Nigeria, as part of a grisly campaign to avenge the deaths of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the group's spokesman. The militant group's video was... Read more
  • Christmas and Resurrection

    We don’t often associate Christmas with resurrection. But we should. So let’s start by talking about Santa Claus. Christmas is openly under attack in contemporary society where the word has essentially been banned in favor of “holiday” and traditional Christmas carols have been replaced... Read more
  • Notre Dame rector: Fragile cathedral might not be saved

    PARIS (AP) — The rector of Notre Dame Cathedral says the Paris landmark is still so fragile that there’s a “50% chance” the structure might not be saved, because scaffolding installed before this year’s fire is threatening the vaults of the Gothic monument. Monsignor Patrick Chauvet... Read more
  • The Vocation of the Hospice Nurse: A “Midwife for Souls”

    “We are eyewitnesses to the infinite value of the last days. We see the miraculous spiritual growth and reconciliations, the heroism, humor, and unconditional love of the dying. We feel the graces that flow and, if we’re attentive, we see the eyes of Jesus. Even if the whole world insists... Read more
  • Rejoicing in Christmas: How to Celebrate Fully the 12 Days

    For families, there can be temptation at Christmastime to pack everything into Advent — both the preparation and celebration crammed into a season meant for peaceful anticipation. This is actually a distortion of the liturgical year, in which the celebration of the birth of Jesus... Read more
  • A Meditation on the Bloody Octave of Christmas

    Many are shocked to walk into daily Mass on December 26 and instead of hearing more of the “Baby Jesus” we are confronted with Martyrdom, “The Feast of Stephen” is ancient on the Church’s calendar. More ancient than the Christmas cycle and hence it was not removed to another... Read more
  • Christmas Eve carolers for Cardinal Pell gathered at Melbourne prison

    A group of local Catholics gathered outside Melbourne prison on Christmas Eve to sing carols for Cardinal George Pell, currently incarcerated in the facility, and to pray for him, as well as the other inmates and prison staff. At 8pm on December 24, about two dozen local Catholics gathered... Read more
  • The Nativity is the Liberation of Love

    In this Fourth Week of Advent, we are very close to Christ­mas and to the Birth of the Baby. The Church tries to show us in this time that, on the one hand, Jesus is in continuity with God’s plan in the Old Testament and brings those plans to completion while, on the other hand, Jesus breaks... Read more
  • The Christmas liturgy takes us to the center of time

    Even if the celebration of many Masses on the same Sunday may be an ordinary experience for many parish priests too often, Christmas, with its three distinct Mass settings for three different times of the day, remains a unique liturgical occasion. In the middle of the night, a great light... Read more