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Ohio DNA testing company satires Christianity’s Holy Family, a safe target

An Ohio DNA testing company called Home Paternity “launched its first ever advertising campaign last month wrapped in a story satirizing the paternity of Jesus. But not everyone thinks it’s funny.” The company certainly did.

David Littlejohn, Humanaut’s chief creative officer, told Adweek that they were pushing for “a holiday campaign that religious and nonreligious people could laugh at and appreciate.”

Littlejohn also said the reason why “he decided to tackle the story of the holy couple was because he wanted to do something different,” something Humanaut has had plenty of experience with. Its campaigns have included “cats with conspiracy theories about poop. Bros who drink organic protein shakes. Cartoon office workers battling hangovers.”

Many Christians will not find Littlejohn’s “creativity” funny with respect to the Holy Family and Jesus. But it is a Christian’s right not to be amused, as it is Littlejohn’s right to be offensive.

In an interview, Littlejohn also stated that “It’s so noisy out there” that in order to be successful, you “really need to be able to say things that are provocative or things that are not necessarily just going to be accepted by everyone.” One wonders, however, if Littlejohn, in his desire “to do something different” and be “provocative,” will ever consider practicing his satirical “creativity” on revered characters in Islam. Chances are that he will not, because he’ll fear getting murdered for it, and being remembered as the creative Home Paternity “Islamophobe.”

Christianity remains the peaceful, all-time safe target of fun, even mockery and derision, while its adherents are massacred by jihadists in Islamic states. Meanwhile, Western populations are increasingly subjugated under the strictures of Islamic blasphemy rules. In accordance with these rules, satirizing the paternity of Jesus was Littlejohn’s safe ground.

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