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Office Depot Refuses Pro-Life Woman’s Print Order Because It “Persecutes” Pro-Abortion People

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The office supply store Office Depot is coming under fire from pro-life advocates after it refused to print pro-life flyers for a pro-life woman who anted to distribute a pro-life prayer. The company claims the prayers advocate the persuecition of people who support abortion and said that was the reason why it could not fulfill the print order for the flyers.

On August 20, Maria Goldstein placed her order for printing at the Office Depot in Schaumburg, Illinois. The item to be printed was a flyer that stated several statistics from Planned Parenthood’s 2013-2014 annual report, mentioned the abortion company’s harvesting of fetal body parts, and included a prayer for the conversion of Planned Parenthood.

Goldstein was told by an Office Depot employee that the printing of her flyer was “restricted by corporate policy” and that her order would not be filled.

Goldstein contacted the Office of the Chairman multiple times to discuss the company’s refusal to fill her order. Diane Demma from the Office of the Chairman stood up for the Office Depot employees’ refusal to print Ms. Goldstein’s flyer and offered no other alternatives.

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