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Nun who survived flu pandemic, both world wars and coronavirus celebrates 117th birthday with red wine

A French nun who survived both world wars, the 1918 flu pandemic and a coronavirus infection is marking her 117th birthday with red wine, a Mass in her honor and dinner followed by her favorite dessert: baked Alaska.

Sister André, who is believed to be the second-oldest person in the world, is set to spend Thursday celebrating her long life at her care home in the French city of Toulon. The facility’s spokesman, David Tavella, told the Associated Press that the nun was “in great shape” and “really happy,” ahead of a busy schedule that would feature a video call with her family, a service hosted by the bishop of Toulon and a champagne birthday feast.

“It’s a big day,” Tavella said, adding that there would be a cake for Sister André — although it wouldn’t be big enough to hold 117 candles.

“Even if we made big cakes, I’m not sure that she would have enough breath to blow them all out,” he said.

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