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Nun and monk put themselves between police and protesters in Myanmar

A Buddhist monk and a Catholic nun in Myanmar both offered their lives in place of youthful protesters, who marched on Sunday against the military coup that is now a month old.

As police cracked down on marches throughout Myanmar, some 20 protesters were shot dead and scores wounded.

In Myitkyina, in the state of Kachin, Sr. Ann Nu Thawng, a Sister of St. Francis Xavier, knelt down in front of troops, raised her hands into the air and cried out, “Don’t shoot, don’t kill the innocent. If you want, hit me.” 

Soldiers seemed surprised at the religious woman’s actions and did not shoot . They even stopped their advance.

Fides, the information service of the Pontifical Mission Societies, quoted Joseph Kung Za Hmung, editor of the “Gloria News Journal,” the first online Catholic newspaper in Myanmar, as saying, “Sr. Ann Nu Thawng is today a role model for Church leaders: bishops and priests are called to step out of the their comfort zones and follow her courage as an example.” 

Fides added that more than 100 demonstrators were able to find shelter in Sr. Ann’s convent, protecting them from beatings and arrests.

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