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They Could Not See Him for the Press


How might the mainstream media have covered Jesus of Nazareth? It’s worth trying to imagine.

[Galilee Post, c.f. Luke 4:21] Nazareth-native Jesus ben Joseph today made quite a stir at his hometown synagogue, completing his reading of the prophet Isaiah by declaring: “Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.” Such an announcement likely belongs more to the tabloids than to serious news. Indeed, analysts have noted that such as an assertion – which amounts to claiming the title of Messiah – seems a bit premature, given Jesus’ humble beginnings as the son of a poor carpenter, let alone widespread allegations that his birth occurred under notorious circumstances. Would the Messiah really choose backwater Nazareth as the springboard for his campaign?

[Herodian Herald, c.f. Matthew 10:1-4] As part of Jesus ben Joseph’s surprising (and ill-fated) attempt to run for Messiah, the carpenter’s son has reportedly chosen his inner circle, or Apostles, as they are now calling themselves. What is most unfortunate about Jesus’ “cabinet” is its crude uniformity, all of them young Jewish men. Moreover, there is a palpably disproportionate number of fishermen, suggesting this nascent movement will be heavily biased in favor of the fishing industry. At least half are a real basket of deplorables. Indeed, what is the public to make of his choice of spokesman, an abrasive, and loudmouth fisherman named Simon, who is known more for his poor professional tradecraft than leading a populist movement? That Simon is now going by the name Peter will fool no one.

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