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Not rocket science

I have to admit I was quite intimidated at first. I was honored, as well, but mostly intimidated. It’s not every day that a writer, even one with several books, and more than 30 years of media experience under her belt, is asked to come up with a compelling introduction to a Christian classic.

It was definitely a first for me. But, hey, no pressure. I was being asked to produce an introduction for a famous work, “Interior Castle,” by my absolutely favorite saint: the one and only St. Teresa of Ávila. Our Sunday Visitor is reintroducing several classics from great saints such as St. Teresa and St. Augustine. Knowing of my great fondness for the first female Doctor of the Church, and knowing that I had mentioned over the years that I was also named after her, they thought it was a perfect fit.

I was given a month to come up with something that would draw those unfamiliar with this incredible volume detailing the challenges and the gifts experienced by the soul as it journeys to complete union with God. It wasn’t the deadline that was causing me to break out into a cold sweat every time I thought about it.

Deadlines are something I have dealt with all of my professional life, especially in my years as a secular journalist. A month is a piece of cake. The bigger issue for me was the responsibility of expressing the treasures of Teresa in an inviting and nonthreatening way.

How was I going to explain in a world dominated by text messages and tweets that “Interior Castle” was well worth the time and effort it takes to go through each and every one of the seven dwellings detailed within its pages? Even those who actually do read — and the numbers are dwindling — barely do so past the first few sentences of a front-page news story or one or two chapters of a book. What would make someone take a big chunk of their already hectic day, stop and read the writings of a mystic who lived hundreds of years ago?

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