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North Korean Anti-Christian Propaganda Video Leaked: Features Priest Terrorizing Mother, Child

Internet hackers have reportedly gained a livestream of a television program from North Korea, the world’s most oppressive country for Christians, which depicts a priest terrorizing a mother and a child in a ballet performance.

The hour-long video, which Premier said has not been verified, was apparently taken from the North Korean state television channel, and uploaded on YouTube.

One of the scenes depicted at the 13-minute mark features a Western priest wearing a giant cross around his neck, approaching the mother and child with a kind demeanor. The mother  seemingly accepts the priest’s faith as he makes the sign of the cross on her. She then has her son accept as well. Later, when the boy is alone, the priest abuses him and eventually kills him. The scene ends with large words displayed in the back stating, “Don’t forget the brutality of U.S. Imperialism” (translated).

“While we are unable to verify the source of this video, it is certainly in keeping with the North Korean regime’s horrific propaganda against Christians,” said Ben Rogers, East Asia team leader at advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

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