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Newsroom Bias


Regardless of which candidate, party or issues one supports, I’m sure most voters would agree that we all deserve facts, not fiction. It’s not possible to make educated decisions at the voting booth if we’re only getting part of the story — or an altered version of the story — from the media.

Well, based on some recent and very prominent cases of media manipulation — along with some chilling conversations I’ve had with colleagues who are media insiders — making informed decisions based on what we see and hear in today’s mass media has become a lot more difficult (if not impossible).

One colleague who works at a major metropolitan newspaper was stunned to recently hear his editors admit during a meeting on election coverage that they feel absolutely no professional journalistic obligation to cover Donald Trump fairly. The powers that be at my contact’s publication claimed that it’s all the GOP’s fault because they failed to put forth a “normal” candidate. So therefore, the media certainly can’t be expected, according to these news managers, to provide even a smidgen of balance when it comes to the Republican presidential nominee. So who died, as the old saying goes, and put a few obviously biased editors in charge of determining what qualifies as “normal” for a presidential nominee or any other candidate for that matter? My colleague wishes more media consumers knew what was happening inside today’s newsrooms.

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