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All The News That’s Fit To Fake: NYT Twists Study To Attack Christians


The New York Times wants you to know that Christians in America are dumb and uneducated compared to other religious groups, and there’s a Pew Research Center study to prove it.

Christians in U.S. Are Less Educated Than Religious Minorities, Report Says,” blared the headline of a Times story on the Pew report, which measures the education levels of religious groups around the world.

“There were 267 million Christians in the United States when the data was collected, but only 36 percent of them had a postsecondary education,” wrote Times reporter Liam Stack. “That made them the least-educated religious group in the country.”

The Times has a funny way of interpreting Pew’s study, which opens by noting that “gaps in educational attainment are partly a function of where religious groups are concentrated throughout the world.”

That of course suggests something else about what kinds of religious groups one finds in different parts of the world, and especially in America, namely, that educational attainment is often a function of immigration. The Times piece notes briefly at the top of the story that educational differences between groups are “rooted in immigration policies that favor the educated,” but buries the fact that Pew’s report says 87 percent of Hindus in the United States were born overseas, as were 64 percent of Muslims, compared to only 14 percent of Christians.

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