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New York sues pro-life protesters

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit last week against several pro-life sidewalk counselors, seeking to stop their activities and enact a 16-foot buffer zone around an abortion center.

Schneiderman’s suit claims sidewalk counselors “repeatedly harassed, threatened, and menaced patients, families, escorts, and clinic staff at the Choices Women’s Medical Center in Jamaica, Queens.”

He called their actions “horrifying” and “illegal” and claimed they made death threats to escorts, chased patients approaching the facility, leaned into cars to distribute pro-life literature, and blocked the paths of people seeking abortion with 3-by-5-foot signs depicting aborted babies.

The attorney for the pro-life advocates, who are associated with Church at the Rock in Brooklyn, disputes those claims.

“Members of the Church at the Rock peacefully counsel women who are considering having an abortion. They conduct themselves reasonably and compassionately, and offer information about abortion alternatives to those willing to listen,” Thomas More Society’s Andrew Bath said in a statement. “This is the exercise of their core First Amendment rights and is an activity that takes place on the public sidewalk, the traditional venue for expression concerning important ideas and societal issues.”

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