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Muslim wins bake-off! Mainstream media are captivated!


“African Christian bakes winning cake.” Great story, eh?

No? Well, how about “South American Jew bakes winning cake”?

Still doesn’t stir the blood? Then “Asian Muslim bakes winning cake” should.

That was the winning combination to inspire headlines in much of the British press and, unfortunately, at the dominant United States newspaper as well.

“Muslim Winner of Baking Contest Defies Prejudice in Britain,” trumpeted the New York Times. Then it tells the story of a second-generation Bangladeshi who’s just won a popular TV baking show. The story notes:

The victory of Nadiya Jamir Hussain, a petite 30-year-old, head-scarf-wearing mother of three from northern England, in a wildly popular reality show called “The Great British Bake Off” … has been greeted by many in Britain as a symbol of immigration success.

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