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Muslim refugees who converted to Christianity in Greece start evangelizing and planting churches


Muslim refugees from the Middle East who converted to Christianity while seeking asylum in Greece have sparked spiritual revival by starting to share the Gospel with their fellow migrants and planting churches.

In an article on Desiring God, Christian leader David Crabb revealed that more and more Muslim refugees in Athens are turning to Christianity. Although 97 of the country’s population is composed of Orthodox Christians, most of them are only affiliated with the church in terms of culture and not in the religious aspect, Christian Today relays.

Javad, a former Iranian Muslim, is now reportedly helping cultivate church growth in Greece. He first heard the Gospel via a satellite radio when he was still in Iran, but had the chance to immerse himself in spreading the Christian faith only when he moved to Greece.

“When I came to faith, I knew I could never go back to my family or to Iran, but it’s worth it because I have Jesus,” Javad told Crabb.

Latching onto Javad’s story, “Breakpoint” radio co-host Eric Metaxas said God is building His kingdom amid chaotic situations. This, said Metaxas, is a side of the story of Muslim refugees that people probably never hear in the mainstream media.

Because of the mobility of refugees, an informal network of new churches for Muslim converts has been established in European countries including Britain, Germany, and The Netherlands. In Berlin, one church has welcomed 1,200 Muslim converts mostly from Afghanistan and Iran in just three years. In Hamburg, more than 600 converts were baptized during one service.

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