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Mother’s Day, Catholic style

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, which means some 113 million cards will be sent throughout the country to thank the moms who gave us life and were, for many of us, our first tangible encounters of sacrificial love.

Of course, the Blessed Virgin is the perfect example of motherhood, and is the mother entrusted to all of us by Christ at his crucifixion.

As you celebrate the mother figures in your life this year, The Pillar brings you this Mother’s Day reading and watching list:

‘The human family is built upon mothers’

In his 2019 homily for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, Pope Francis reflected on the need for “maternal tenderness” to counter the type of avarice that puts profit ahead of people. He pointed to the Blessed Virgin Mary as an example of this tender maternal gaze:

A world that looks to the future without a mother’s gaze is shortsighted. It may well increase its profits, but it will no longer see others as children. It will make money, but not for everyone. We will all dwell in the same house, but not as brothers and sisters. The human family is built upon mothers. A world in which maternal tenderness is dismissed as mere sentiment may be rich materially, but poor where the future is concerned. Mother of God, teach us to see life as you do. Turn your gaze upon us, upon our misery, our poverty. Turn to us thine eyes of mercy.

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