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Mother of Britian’s Youngest Transgender Child Speaks About the “Transition” Beginning At Age 3

Parents are meant to protect, guide, and instruct their children in the ways of truth and reality, not push them down paths of confusion and fantasy leading to their destruction, but sadly, with the rising predominance of “gender theory,” we are seeing the latter far too frequently

One British mother has decided to go public with the story of her son’s sad journey from being born a boy, as God intended, to living as a girl since age 5.

Jeneen Schofield is the “proud” mother of “Luna,” the alleged youngest “transgender” child in British history. What an accomplishment.

According to a report by The Mirror, 8-year-old Luna had wished to become a girl at every Christmas and birthday since he was just three years old, Schofield asserts, saying that her son “soon sensed he should be living life as a girl.”

Most toddlers are just learning how to relieve themselves in a toilet rather than a diaper, but we should definitely trust their instincts on living life as a member of the opposite sex, right? Anybody with a shred of common sense can recognize how insane that is, yet Schofield decided to play along.

Schofield, who is a single mother, claims she believed it was just “a phase” and that she told her son to “stop being silly.”

“One thing I was sure of was how I’d certainly never encouraged Luna to be a girl,” she declared.

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