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Mosul Freed from ISIS, Yet Humanitarian Concerns Remain

While the Iraqi government celebrated as its Prime Minister officially declared victory over ISIS in Mosul on Monday, many humanitarian groups expressed concern that much still remains to be done in addressing the human rights violations and displacement that occurred in the process.

“From the Old City we announce the liberation of Mosul and remember the heroic sacrifices of our armed forces and their families,” Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi tweeted on Monday.

Early on Tuesday, al-Abadi added in another tweet: “As we announce the liberation of Mosul we also acknowledge the challenges of reconstruction and stability and call on Iraqis to unite.”

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, declared Mosul as its territory in June of 2014. The battle to reclaim Mosul has caused more than 900,000 to flee from their homes.

Mosul’s captivity under ISIS particularly affected the Christian community. Over 100,000 Christians have been displaced, and the extremist group had destroyed or taken captive all of Mosul’s churches and religious institutions.

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