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More2Life: July 12, 2022: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Description: People can be so rude. Are you tired of being attacked, antagonized, and undermined? We’ll help you get the respect you deserve! Dr. Greg and Lisa will help you solve your problems with relevant, relatable and achievable tools and solutions straight from the genius of the Theology of the Body. It is the life you were meant to live! To make a telecounseling appoint with Dr. Greg or one of his associates, call 740-266-6461.

Guest: Sue Muldoon

Sue & Tim Muldoon are the parents of three children and the authors of Six Sacred Rules for Families. Sue is a therapist and religious educator who has worked in the clinical, collegiate, and parish settings, most recently as director of family ministries at Good Shepherd Parish in Wayland, Massachusetts.

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