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More media hypocrisy

After the sexual harassment scandal involving movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, social media campaigns such as the #MeToo movement spread quickly. One survey by USA Today that questioned nearly 1,000 women working in the movie industry found that 94 percent claimed they also were harassed in the work place. But if the entertainment industry is so upset about the way women are treated and portrayed in films, magazines and elsewhere, why are they, at the same time promoting, producing, and celebrating such demeaning material? And why do they ignore so many studies showing a strong link between oversexualized content and the objectification of women and girls in real life?

Now a recent study from the Parents TV Council is raising the same questions about another important issue, which has Hollywood’s loudest voices speaking out. Here again, as this report shows, Hollywood seems to want it both ways.

The latest hot-button is gun violence; a reaction to the deadly Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida. It’s a topic that’s on the minds of many Americans, as we try to deal with this tragedy. But as the PTC points out in the report entitled “A Dress Rehearsal for Tragedy: Violence, Guns, and TV Content Ratings on Prime-Time Broadcast Television,” violence, and gun violence in particular, has increased in the five years since another shooting tragedy: Newtown, Connecticut.

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