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Mom says parenting son with Down syndrome is the ‘greatest pro-life work’ she could ever do

Catherine Daub and her family have learned firsthand the reality of having a child with Down syndrome. In the Summer 2021 issue of American Life League’s Celebrate Life magazine, the long-time pro-life activist shared the story of learning that her eighth living child, William, had a “99 percent chance” of having Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome. Daub described how her family’s experience has differed from the gloom-and-doom predictions she read online after receiving William’s diagnosis.

Having participated in pro-life activism over the years, by 2019 Daub had settled into her role as director of ALL’s ‘Culture of Life Studies Program’ (CLSP), which creates supplementary materials for incorporating the pro-life message into K-12 curricula. At the time, she wrote that she felt “quite certain that this [CLSP role] was how God would use me to help build a culture of life while still allowing me to be a mom and a wife first and foremost.” And with seven living children and nine miscarried babies, she also felt sure that “the next baby I’d care for would be a grandchild.”

But then, in October of 2019, Daub learned that she was pregnant at age 49. Several months later, Daub received a call from her doctor, expecting to learn the baby’s sex. She learned he was a boy, and had “a 99 percent chance of having Trisomy 21.”

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