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Modern rejection of Christ a ‘revolt against reality’

In 1951, author Arnold Lunn criticized the idea that scientific advances meant science, and not the Christian faith, had taken a monopoly on reason.

On the contrary, Lunn wrote, Christian belief is far more reasonable — and explains much more of reality — than the scientific method, as useful as it is, ever could.

Seventy years later, Lunn’s argument in his book, “The Revolt Against Reason,” has resonated with Catholic apologists such as Gary Michuta, who has spent the better part of his life explaining the reasonableness of the Catholic faith and defending it against secular attacks seeking to undermine its claim to be the fullness of truth.

Throughout the Church’s history, forces have always conspired to minimize, marginalize and even criminalize God’s plan for man, Michuta says. But in recent decades, even reality itself seems to be coming under attack.

From crimes against children, born and unborn, to wholesale rejection of marriage, sexual morality and gender norms, to scientific experiments that violate the very nature and dignity of human beings, “we seem to be living in an age of insanity,” Michuta told Detroit Catholic.

This insanity isn’t just a product of mistakes, Michuta said, but the end result of a long and continuous rebellion against God’s plan for peace and human flourishing

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