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Why Michelle Obama is wrong about IVF

Former First Lady Michelle Obama told ABC in an interview that will air tonight that Sasha and Malia were created through IVF. According to Obama, she and former President Barack Obama chose IVF after a miscarriage.

As I wrote at CatholicVote, the Obamas made what is becoming a popular choice for many couples facing fertility challenges. Infertility is often a real physical, emotional, and spiritual struggle, just as it was for the Obamas. Helping couples and individuals through this time of difficulty requires an open ear, a compassionate heart — and opposition to IVF on the basis that the end good of a loved child can never overcome the inherent wrongs in the IVF process.

First: morality and compassion for people considering IVF

As with any delicate balance of helping someone through a serious challenge that has objective moral components, outsiders must have a compassionate and loving approach that is guided by a strong moral foundation.

This is difficult when trying to help family or friends with strong desires for children who cannot have them. Many people find opposition to IVF personally offensive – both because of their fertility struggles and the presence of child(ren) they may have through IVF.

Respecting and understanding this reaction without patronizing or lecturing is important. But just as love for same-sex couples doesn’t include supporting their immoral relationship choices, and the joy of a new child doesn’t justify sexual intercourse outside of marriage, nor can proper support for struggling couples ever include support for IVF.

Despite its popularity, IVF is morally wrong. It’s important that Americans – especially those who claim the pro-life mantle – understand why.

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