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Message of Akita on 50th Anniversary Is More Timely Than Ever

Fifty years ago on Oct. 13, 1973, our Blessed Mother appeared to Sister Agnes Sasagawa in a convent in Akita, Japan. It is no coincidence that the original apparition happened on the Oct. 13 Fatima anniversary.

This anniversary is especially significant. In light of the shocking news concerning Israel, the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, violence in many other places, unrest in the Church, and natural disasters, taking to heart the message Our Lady gave at Akita should be a priority — and put it into practice.

As at Fatima, our Blessed Mother’s warning at Akita was most dire. But she also gave hope by giving the solution for people to follow.

Our Lady said:

As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son.

The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sorrow. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.

Before seeing Our Lady’s concluding words to Sister Agnes during this apparition, consider that 50 years ago the possible events described by Our Blessed Mother would never have crossed our minds as likely to happen. But they did. Never did the thought of marriage being attacked so strongly occur. Never did anyone question the distinction between male and female. And “fire” could yet fall from the sky — from man or from heaven (Revelation 9).

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