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Mercy: Jesus’ Gift to You Right Now

Jesus came to save sinners. The primary purpose of the Incarnation and Paschal Mystery—the Passion, suffering, death, and Resurrection of Jesus, the Lord, was to save us from eternal perdition and to bring us to heaven. By the completion of Jesus’ Paschal mystery—Passion, suffering, death on the cross, and Resurrection from the dead three days later, the gates of heaven flew open, and all of us have access to union with the Blessed Trinity forever. All of us can be saved if this is the most ardent desire and yearning of our hearts.

True and as easy as this may sound, salvation depends principally on one condition, the primary, indispensable, and immutable disposition of our heart—and that is trusting fully and totally in the mercy that Jesus offers us in every time, every place, every culture, and to every individual person

By way of example, imagine this scene: A rich man has a fruit orchard in which there are luscious fruits of all kinds, sizes, and shapes. This rich man happens to be your friend. One day he says to you: “Listen, at any time of the day you are free to go into the orchard and take and eat any of the fruit your heart desires. The only condition is that you have to provide your own means of transportation to arrive at the orchard. Then pick and eat to your heart’s delight!”  God has a garden and that is the Sacred Heart of His Son Jesus. He invites all to visit that Sacred Heart and eat and drink from it in abundance. The food and drink from Jesus’ Heart is His Mercy!

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