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Memo to Joe Biden: stop bullying us Africans

Nigeria has a problem. A big problem. For many years now, a radical Islamist insurgency has roiled its northeast. Boko Haram (literally “books are forbidden”), a terrorist group affiliated with ISIS, and several other actors in its mould, have brutalised the residents of these regions, particularly Christians, taking many lives and displacing millions.

The defeat of this insurgency has been among the top objectives for successive Nigerian governments since the 2000s. To be sure, the sincerity of this prioritisation is another question altogether, considering the incompetence and corruption which have often sullied the fight, but its propriety cannot be doubted. The insurgency poses a lethal threat to the lives and freedoms of many Nigerians.

Worse, this is only one of the big problems Nigeria has to contend with.

It’s Africa’s largest economy and most populous country, after all. All of its problems tend to be sizeable. For instance, its electricity infrastructure is in shambles. The air in Lagos, its largest city, is always throbbing to the din of generators. Its dependence on oil exports exposes its economy to the fluctuations of the global oil market.

And, as if that were not enough, the other day its central bank banned the use of cryptocurrencies, cutting off many Nigerians from the wild rides Elon Musk likes to take the internet along for!.

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