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The Evangelizer Is Called to Martyrdom

The recent martyrdom of the four Missionaries of Charity sisters in Yemen reminds us all that our Christian witness and duty may in fact...

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Mercy in the Age of Relativism The Year of Mercy has been an occasion for many to rightfully mourn the fact that we live in a world where the concept...

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Oregon Gunman Spared ‘Lucky One’ to Give Police a Message

The gunman who opened fire at an Oregon college killed some of his victims after telling them to crawl across the classroom floor and...

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How Much Does God Love You? THIS Much! Why the Feast of the Sacred Heart Matters To You Today.

The following reflection on the significance of this Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an excerpt from my newest book, Broken Gods:...

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T’s Italy: A Room With Quite A View

  Many of you have been praying for me and asking how I am doing since it has been a week since my last update....

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