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Meet Vince Bresch: A Marian Helper Who Follows the Call


Vince Bresch is a very busy guy. At 75 years old, he has an impact on more people in a month than many of us have in a lifetime.

A retired school teacher, he lives in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Married to his wife, Jill, for 50 years, until she passed away three years ago, Vince has four adult children, seven grandchildren, and several step-grandchildren, as well as a couple great-grandchildren.

In addition to family, Vince loves his neighbor. Or, rather, his many neighbors. And he shows this love of neighbor every day by being a constant presence in their lives.

Take Miriam, for instance. She is 100 years old. Vince visits her every month, catches up on her life, and shares the latest news in his life. She still reads The New York Times everyday and does the crossword puzzle. Vince says Miriam is such a blessing to him. She prays for me, he said.

Vince visits many friends who are now in nursing facilities. Every month, he helps out with the Mass that his parish hosts at one of the local nursing homes. Vince and a crew of volunteers help those who are in wheelchairs get to Mass and then get them safely back to their rooms.

He is on a call list for an organization called Road to Recovery, which helps get people to their appointments. Sometimes, these treatments go on for months, so Vince gets to know the patients pretty well. There’s happiness and sadness in this ministry, he said. “Sometimes the treatments work out. Sometimes they don’t.”

He also helps elderly people at his parish get to their medical appointments.

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