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Meet the young Catholic pilgrims who will walk thousands of miles with the Eucharist this summer

A group of two dozen young Catholic pilgrims will walk thousands of miles across the United States this summer, carrying Jesus Christ in the Eucharist through city streets and the countryside, converging at the 2024 National Eucharistic Congress.

Collectively, the pilgrims will walk over 6,500 miles and will traverse four different routes, beginning on opposite sides of the country and meeting in Indianapolis for the National Eucharistic Congress July 17–21. Catholics throughout the U.S. are encouraged to register to join the pilgrims in walking short sections of the pilgrimages and joining in numerous other special events put on by their local diocese.

All between the ages of 19 and 29, the 24 “Perpetual Pilgrims” — six per route — have committed to giving up their summer and braving sun and rain to help the U.S. bishops rededicate the country to Christ in the Eucharist. Accompanied throughout the entire route by priest chaplains, the pilgrims will travel 10-15 miles each day, mostly on foot, while taking part in a minor Eucharistic procession.

The pilgrim application process was opened last October and the names of the pilgrims were announced on Monday.

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