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Meet the man carrying a 55-lb cross 6,000 miles around the world

It’s not every day you see a random person carrying a hefty wooden cross on his shoulder as he’s walking along the road. But this is exactly what a British man, Lindsay Hamon, has been doing for the last 36 years.

In a recent video, street evangelist Joe Kirby chatted with Hamon when he bumped into him on vacation. And the one thing that jumps out on watching the short clip is Hamon’s sheer joy as he goes about his his daily mission.

The cross-bearer explained how he’s picked up the 55-pound cross and carried it to countries far and wide, from Berlin to Moscow, and to numerous countries in Asia.

His message to those he meets is simple:

Jesus is the Savior of the world.”

He explains that he wants to encourage those in his path the need for “getting our lives right with Jesus,”and “allowing Jesus to come into our hearts.”

Hamon has dedicated his life to God, who, he points out, “so loved the world.” This same love Hamon genuinely seems to embrace for his work, even when he’s not properly understood in some foreign countries. However, he sees the wonder in “seeing Jesus working when you can’t even speak the language.”

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