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Meet the 107-year-old attending Mass all over the world

At 107 years of age, Nancy Stewart from Ireland is taking her faith to unknown places. While Catholics around the world have embraced the wonders of technology by attending Mass online, the centenarian decided that she’d make the most of the situation by attending live-streamed services in all of Ireland’s 32 counties, as reported in the Irish Post.

Stewart has been isolating with her granddaughter, Louise Coghlan, since March and the duo have been keeping busy by sharing their adventures on social media thanks to the Facebook page “Living and Laughing with Lou” that Louise created for her grandmother.

The pair have been sharing photos of their precious time together, including a recent pic of the ladies displaying their crosses to mark St Brigid’s Day. The feast of the Irish saint also marks an enlargement of the pair’s virtual experience to attend online Mass in countries far and wide.

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