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Mary: The Promised Woman

As the centuries passed and mankind lived in more darkness and became more depraved, God would send His prophets to encourage and enlighten His creatures.

Though His creatures chose to rule themselves, He would not abandon them.

He would send them glimpses of what was to come through His Prophets. He would intervene in their history to show His Power. He would forgive their many transgressions to manifest His Mercy.

Through Noah, the Father showed His Mercy by preserving the human race, because of the holiness of one man.

Through Abraham, He gave an example of Faith and Hope — Faith in an invisible God, and Hope in His promises. He tested that Faith when He asked Abraham to sacrifice His only son, to prefigure the sacrifice He Himself would make, by giving His Son to redeem the world.

Through Abraham He began to form a small nation of people through whom He would manifest His love and Mercy by sending His Son.

Abraham was to prefigure the Father’s Love. He was willing to sacrifice his son in obedience to God’s command. But Abraham’s son was spared — God’s Son was condemned.

Through Jacob, God brought forth the twelve tribes of Is­rael. From one of these tribes would come His Son and the Woman.
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