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Martyrdom cause for All Hallow’s Eve church massacre in Iraq completes first phase

ROME – As millions of kids in the United States and other places go trick-or-treating today, Adam won’t be among them. Nine years ago, as he attended Mass, he was murdered on All Hallows Eve. He was three years old. He was killed because no one could quiet him down.

Adam wasn’t having a tantrum. He wanted for his father to take him out of church. But he couldn’t: His father had been killed by several gunshots.

“Kafi, kafi!” Adam kept screaming to the terrorists who entered the Syriac Catholic Church of Our lady of Deliverance Church Oct. 31, 2010, during the evening Sunday Mass. He wanted for it all to stop.

When his desperate mother couldn’t quiet the child, a terrorist put a bullet between his eyes.

They left her alive: “We want you to suffer too,” they told her and several other women who saw their families get killed during that bloody day.

Adam and his father, Auday Zuheer Marzina Arab, died, while his mother and younger brother, 11 months old at the time of the massacre, survived. In total, 48 people were killed that day.

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