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Mariam Ibraheem, Christian Mother Who Gave Birth in Chains, and Other Persecuted Christians Share Testimonies in DC


WASHINGTON — Five different churches in the nation’s capital united together Saturday night to pray for Christians being persecuted all over the world and heard first-hand accounts about what it’s like to be tortured, shackled and put on death row because of one’s faith in Christ.

Persecuted Christians from the Middle East and Africa gave their testimonies at the third-annual night of prayer for the persecuted church organized by the organization One Body.

The event was hosted by Christ Our Shepherd Church and featured participants from Chinatown Community Church, Grace DC, National Community Church and The Church of the Resurrection. The gathering also featured worship music by the Church of the Advent worship band.

Giving her testimony at this year’s gathering was Mariam Ibraheem, the Sudanese Christian mother who made headlines in 2014 when was sentenced to death for apostasy because she was married to a Christian man, who was also an American citizen.

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