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If the mainstream media covered Jesus the way it covers Mother Teresa


Jerusalem: Jesus of Nazareth, the Galilean preacher whom admirers call the “Messiah” visited the town of Nain yesterday, trailing crowds of well-wishers. He was also trailed by growing controversy over his ministry, his so-called healings and his association with some wealthy benefactors.

The visit to Nain, a village near his hometown, was meant to be a stop for a weeklong rest for the Nazarene and his followers. But while there, according to several eyewitnesses, Jesus came upon a funeral service for a young man who had died after an undisclosed illness. According to his followers, when Jesus touched the man’s shroud, the dead man sat up.

“It was incredible,” said his mother, Sarah, a recent widow, who wept as she recounted the story. “He was dead and now he’s alive!”

Others were unconvinced. “He was clearly sleeping,” said, Jacob, 23, who would not give his last name. “I could tell he wasn’t really dead,” said his sister Esther, 21. According to several other witnesses, the man’s supposed recovery was the source of great controversy and even a fistfight.

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