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Mainstream Journalism’s Religion Problem

Now that Holy Week is behind us, it is worth reflecting on the “religious” views expressed by “mainstream journalism” over those few days. While not expressing it quite so crudely as the last Democratic president and his wanna-be successor—the press seem stumped by those “baskets of deplorables” who still “cling to guns or religion.” Take The New York Times, which still pretends to be America’s “newspaper of record,” and The Washington Post, whose viewpoints regularly “inform” the political brains of our nation’s capital.

The Times apparently felt a compulsive need to address the crescendo of religiosity connected with Holy Week. Columnist Margaret Renkl engaged in an apologia pro vita sua, explaining that although she was raised a Catholic and claims to have raised her children as regular Mass-goers, she last went to Church last Easter and planned to make some sentimental journey there today, but has generally given up on Mass because so many fellow congregants voted for Trump and supported repeal of Obamacare over its abortifacient mandate. I thought her reasoning represented progress: at least she doesn’t want to kneel alongside living Trump voters. That’s an improvement over some Virginia Episcopalians, who apparently suffer distress from kneeling where the now dead George Washington and Robert E. Lee worshipped. (In fairness, the names of Washington and Lee are now properly “stricken from every book and tablet, every pylon and obelisk,” and a couple of wall plaques in Alexandria.)

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