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Magic Mike: 2016 voter angst brings attention to American Solidarity Party


As mainstream political parties become parodies of themselves, a professional magician grounded in Catholic Social Teaching heads up a fledgling alternative 

Mike Maturen may be the most unusual candidate for president of the United States this year, in that he refuses to comment on the nominees of the two major political parties, other than to say he’s “not a fan” of either.

In a deleterious political season like this one, where “not a fan” may resonate with a significant portion of an electorate unable to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in good conscience, an emerging party with the right message can make real inroads into the political mainstream. Maturen believes the American Solidarity Party, from which he has announced his candidacy for president, may be the organization to do just that.

Asked by Aleteia to opine on the two frontrunners for the White House, Maturen demurred: “Because I believe in civil political discourse, I won’t say much more about them, other than I believe that the ideas and policies of the ASP are what is right for America. By not participating in the current attack-style of politics, we can show our country that civil discourse still works,” he added. “There is nothing wrong with vigorous debate, but personal attacks, slander and outright lying have no place in political discourse.”

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