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Mafia in Italy Suspected of Poisoning Priest’s Chalice

During evening Mass on Feb. 24, Father Felice Palamara, a parish priest in Cessaniti, a village in the Vibo Valentia province of Italy, was once again apparently targeted by the ’Ndrangheta, a criminal organization in Italy that operates mainly in Calabria, the so-called “toe” of Italy.

Father Palamara, a priest of the Diocese of Tropea-Mileto-Nicotera, noticed a strange smell coming from the chalice: Bleach had been poured into the liturgical vessels, laboratory analysis later confirmed. Realizing what was happening, he was forced to interrupt the liturgy to report the incident to the local police.

Days prior, the priest’s car had been damaged by unidentified vandals.

The bishop of Tropea-Mileto-Nicotera, Attilio Nostro, expressed his solidarity with the priest and denounced the intimidating actions of the Calabrian Mafia.

The diocese said in a statement posted on its website that “it is experiencing a time of suffering due to intimidating acts.”

Bishop Nostro went on to exhort his flock to “not be discouraged by this language of violence. We must not give in to this logic, allowing ourselves to be tempted by despair and anger. We cannot accept this language; we must not respond to hatred with hatred, knowing that it is not possible to truly dialogue with those who refuse to do so.”

“My heartfelt thanks to law enforcement for the professionalism with which they are helping and supporting us in this humanly difficult moment, and I too will continue to guarantee my priests my constant presence so that they can carry out their invaluable service,” the bishop concluded.

In addition, Father Francesco Pontoriero, also of the same diocese, has received explicit death threats in recent days.

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