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London’s new Muslim mayor defended al-Qaeda member


The revelations about Khan’s ties to jihadis and Islamic supremacists did not stop him from being elected. This is the New Britain, and much, much more is to come as it continues on its merry journey of appeasement of Islamic supremacists, on it way to becoming a Sharia state.

In fact, as predicted in January, the polls have changed very little since the beginning of the year. This is despite a negative-ad onslaught by the Conservative Party and its candidate Zac Goldsmith – the multi-millionaire son of Eurosceptic royalty Sir James Goldsmith, and brother of socialite and Vanity Fair editor Jemima Khan.

Mr. Goldsmith and his ‘Back Zac’ campaign have used the last few months to highlight Sadiq Khan’s proximity to Islamic extremists, extremism, and this past weekend, to anti-Semitism.

But perhaps it speaks to the mindset of Londoners, and certainly the British capital’s demographic shift, that such news has scarcely affected Mr. Khan.



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