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Locked in our cells

It’s a terrible feeling — something most of us have experienced. The last time I misplaced my cellphone, I was in the middle of several busy assignments in Rome. In addition to phone numbers, photos and other important information, for me my smartphone — thanks to all the great apps out there — is also a mini production studio. All I kept thinking about as I was racing around my hotel room in a panic was the numerous interviews I had recorded and planned to air. Thanks to St. Anthony, I soon discovered that the phone wasn’t sitting in a coffee shop somewhere in the Eternal City. It was just hidden in a corner of my bottomless purse. But for a while, I was a nervous wreck.

Whatever one does for a living, being detached from our cellphones these days is like losing a part of ourselves. That’s why the words of Pope Francis, during his Angelus message on the First Sunday of Lent, really hit home with so many Catholics around the world. The pope, in reflecting on the Lord’s temptation in the desert, pointed out how Jesus was able to refute the devil and resist that temptation because of his love and knowledge of Scripture. If only, the pope lamented, Christians were as attached to the Bible as they were to their cellphones.

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