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Lessons in Marian Silence, Serenity, Surrender

God, who is outside of time, enters our time to lead us forward. It is not futile to create sincere New Year’s resolutions. It’s not a matter of failure or success. It’s a matter of hope; of acknowledging that some change for the better is called for.

The devil can enter the mix. The ancient “Accuser” tempts us to remember every failure and forget every triumph. The “Liar” shouts crafty falsehood to divide us from one another, paints a dismal picture, crushes hope so the future appears futile, so we cease to try to make a difference. These lies are too often entertained. The “Thief” wants to steal our inheritance, entice us away from the reward of Heaven, plots to rob our peace, hope and joy. The “Destroyer” seeks the destruction of personal integrity, our identity as a child of God, our relationship with the Lord and humanity. The “Roaring Lion” shouts noisy hateful thoughts to prevent us from entering the silence of God’s love, the serenity of the divine will, and the confident surrender of faith.

At the start of this year, the Holy Spirit tugs on my heart with three words: silence, serenity, surrender. This spiritual tripod is part of my journey already but growth is needed. These spiritual ideals are the work of God in a soul, however I can dispose myself to cooperate with divine grace.

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