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LEAKED: Media Matters’ Secret Plan to Destroy Conservatives

The key parts of the plan you need to know.

Now we know: Earlier this year, the left-wing activist group Media Matters began an all-out effort to destroy conservatives. The founder laid out the details in the 49-page “Democracy Matters: Plan for Strategic Action.” He didn’t expect it to be leaked to the public.

In a document labeled “Private & Confidential,” Media Matters founder David Brock explains how the group intends to take down some of the most well-known leaders on the right and squelch conservative speech and policies. Left-wing billionaire George Soros is one of the financial backers.

Beyond Traditional Free Speech

The group will work with several partners. American Bridge 21st Century will provide research. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, is an ethics watchdog group similar to Judicial Watch. Shareblue is a social media firm. The plan describes Shareblue as “the antidote to Breitbart.”

Media Matters intends to discredit right wingers in every area, from social media to the highest levels of government. They will identify and target a list of the “individuals and outlets” who are the most effective, which they refer to as “destructive.” The document promises: “Key right-wing targets will see their influence diminish.”

Media Matters and its partners will pressure Google and Facebook into banning right-leaning sites, which they refer to as “fake news sites and propagandists.” Conservative social media activism campaigns will be “punished and halted.” The group will develop new technologies to spot the early stages of articles they call “fake news,” which seems to mean articles they disagree with, and “quash” them.

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