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Latest CMP Video: StemExpress Paid Bonuses Based on Number, Type of Baby Body Parts Harvested

StemExpress gave their workers more money to get more baby body parts faster from abortion patients, a new Center for Medical Progress video reveals.

In the video released today, former StemExpress procurement technician Holly O’Donnell talked to CMP founder David Daleiden about the company’s bonus structure. O’Donnell said workers received more money based on the number and category of baby body parts harvested.

More Money From Tissues

“You get more money from tissues, like if you got a brain or liver versus blood sample,” she said. “There’s different tissue categories. There’s category A, B and C. A is like brain, heart, liver, the really high demand [parts].” A procurement technician could make a bonus of $15 per tissue sample for 1 to 10 parts.

StemExpress geared the pay structure toward getting older, intact babies they could harvest for body parts. “We wanted more gestated fetuses, it was a lot easier to get these and we could take more from it. It’s incentive for you to do your job better.”

O’Donnell said she endured “maximum pressure” to get baby body parts. “It was as many as you could get as quickly as you could. It didn’t matter if a girl was throwing up in the garbage can, crying, pushing her over the edge.”

“Some of these women don’t want to do it and they’re not sure if they want to do it,” continued O’Donnell. “But some of the workers there are numb to it, they don’t understand how hard it is for some of these women.” She said she wanted to tell the women to go home if they weren’t sure.

Daleiden told O’Donnell, “It looks like it’s about maximizing volume, maximizing revenue, maximizing profit off of aborted fetal tissue.”

She responded, “Off of parts.”

Abortion providers are allowed to transfer baby body parts for research with compensation equal to the cost of obtaining it. However, they may not sell human parts for a profit. One company’s records show that it paid Planned Parenthood $60 for a fetus and sold the various baby body parts for more than $2,000.

A CMP video released last week shows that Planned Parenthood did not pay the shipping costs to transmit baby body parts. In fact, earlier CMP videos indicated had no costs associated with harvesting the fetuses for research.

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