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After latest Christian deaths, Nigeria’s bishops warn ‘clock is ticking’

ROME – After the murder of 19 people at a Catholic Church, including two priests, Christians in Nigeria mobilized on Tuesday, urging the president to help “end the killings” because the “clock is ticking, and the bomb must be defused quickly.”

The rallies took place simultaneously in different cities across the country, on the same day those murdered by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in late April were buried.

In different statements, bishops spoke of “ethnic cleansing,” described people living in “palpable fear,” said that Christians are being “massacred,” and that human life is worth less than cattle in parts of Nigeria and warned of falling into “anarchy” if the government fails to bring peace.

They also accused President Muhammadu Buhari of being complicit in an agenda to “Islamize” Nigeria, after failing to protect Christians who are not allowed to build churches in rural areas or recover girls who are kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam.

Tens of thousands participated in the rallies that took place across the country, carrying signs such as “We are peace-loving people, stop attacking our churches,” “stop the Christian genocide,” “enough of bloodshed in Nigeria,” “life is precious, a gift from God,” and “we say no to the killings of Christians in Nigeria.”

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