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“Kresta in the Afternoon”— September 23, 2014

Talking about the “things that matter most” on September 23


4:00 – A Quick Word: Christianity in Iraq is Finished


“A Quick Word” is the newest segment on Kresta in the Afternoon. It will air at the top of each hour, after the opening theme and before the news headlines. The segment is similar to a Kresta Commentary, only shorter and more concise. Today, Al looks at the dismal state of Christianity in Iraq after months of ISIS occupation. 


4:10 – Will Bombing Eliminate ISIS?


As the US and 5 other Arab nations commenced a bombing campaign against ISIS inside Syria last night, President Obama, Secretary John Kerry, and other government officials continue to assert that the US will not send ground troops to Iraq. Will this strategy be effective? Thomas Farr, a professor of Religion and International Affairs at Georgetown University, joins us to discuss this as well as the issues of International Religious Freedom Policy and American National Security.


4:20 – Kresta Comments: The US Then and Now—What a Difference 40 Years Makes 

4:40 – Kresta Comments: A Few Words to Those Who Actually Believe the Church May be Ready to Approve Adultery

 – Quick Word: Christianity in Iraq is Finished

 – Being an Addicts Mom: “It’s a Very Very Sad Place”


There are few horrors as great as learning your child is a drug addict. Many parents find themselves lost and unsure of how to help. How does the parent of an addict cope? How do you juggle the incomprehensible challenge between supporting a loved one and not enabling their habit? And how do you deal with the stigma of having a child who is an addict? We talk to Michael Vasquez, CEO of the St. Gregory Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers. 

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