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“Kresta in the Afternoon”— September 22, 2014

Talking about the “things that matter most” on September 22


4:00 – A Quick Word: The Money behind Catholic Dissent

“A Quick Word” is the newest segment on Kresta in the Afternoon. It will air at the top of each hour, after the opening theme and before the news headlines. The segment is similar to a Kresta Commentary, only shorter and more concise. On today’s Quick Word, Al looks at how Catholic dissent groups are funded.


4:10 – Kresta Comments: Satan and the Early Christian Tradition

4:20 – Our Prophetic Moment

The marriage debate in America has come to a crossroads. Multiple surveys show increasing support for homosexual marriage among younger voters. More and more states are striking down bans on homosexual marriage. What does this mean for Catholics? What is the next step? Peter Herbeck has outlined a plan for uniting the faithful and educating the world on the Church’s teachings on sexuality. He joins us to talk about it.


5:00 – A Quick Word: The Money behind Catholic Dissent  


5:10 – Kresta Comments: What do Black Masses have to do with Satan? 

5:20 –New Curriculum Gets it Right on Cold War and Communism


Paul Kengor has designed a new curriculum for teaching Communism to high school students. Entitled “Communism: Its Ideology, Its History, Its Legacy,” the curriculum was done for the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, which recognizes the 100 million victims of Communism in the 20th century. It is intended to expose the truths of communism and refute the claim that it is “basically a good idea if implemented properly.” We talk to Paul about his project.


5:40 – GAO: Obamacare Paying for Abortions

Critics of the Affordable Care Act argued from the beginning that it would force taxpayers to fund abortions. President Obama and his allies repeatedly denied this claim. Now an independent study has confirmed that abortions are indeed being covered under the ACA. Joan Desmond has covered the story for the National Catholic Register. She joins us today with details. 

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