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Kresta in the Afternoon – September 15, 2022 – Hour 1

Guest Host Gary Michuta and William Albrecht examine what the Scriptures and Church fathers say about the Trinity.

Evangelizing in the 21st Century

Vanessa Forsblad is a young Catholic who feels called to use platforms like YouTube and TikTok to share the Gospel with her peers and others. She joins us with some tips and tricks.

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Vanessa’s Website

Vanessa Forsblad is a Catholic Content Creator based in Los Angeles. Visit her at and on Twitter @1catholicgirl

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Trinity, Scripture, and the Church Fathers

What is the Trinity? Where can we find teachings on the Trinity in the Scriptures and writings of the Church Fathers? We take a close look with William Albrecht.

William Albrecht is the coauthor of  Mary Among the Evangelists: The Definitive Guide for Solving Biblical Questions About Mary. William is co-host for Reason & Theology, as well as having guest appeared on EWTN, Virgin Most Powerful Radio, and many other networks. William runs a website dedicated to the Early Church Fathers that includes unique translations, articles, commentaries, and debates on the Fathers of the Church.

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